Sunday, March 11, 2012

Officers out of our orbit?...

"Is this the final recognition that the Police are no longer considered ‘part of society’?" writes Anna Raccoon. Relating to the imminent release of Magdi Elgizouli (he was diagnosed as having a pathological hatred of the police): "Knifeman with a hatred of police is 'safe to be freed'... but only to an area where there aren't too many officers on the beat" says the Daily Mail; ludicrous if even part true - and contrary to "19th Century Peelian traditions" - it is seemingly testament to the fact that a Police Officer is no longer considered part of the public!

However, "Notwithstanding sensationalist headlines, legitimate questions are being asked this morning about whether the decision to release is correct..." wrote MentalHealthCop yesterday; Michael also has a lot more, especially about how the decision to release would have been taken and he also hopes the checks and balances have worked, because, if the release goes wrong - or Elgizouli get in trouble again - "guess who is going to get called?".

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Captain Ranty said...

I urge the police to join the armed revolution that will be coming soon.

freemen free UK

Captain Ranty said...


You can safely ignore this tool of the state. He believes everything they tell him.

He is more to be pitied than scolded.

I am sorry he appeared here. He has no life, poor thing.


Span Ows said...

No worries CR but he has been very active across the bit of the blogosphere we both frequent! As you say, too much time, not enough life.