Saturday, July 18, 2015

Overview of opinions...

[edit 01:39 BST 19/07] Tied up with work - not literally although some of the places I've been it isn't uncommon! - apologies for lack of posting: it certainly isn't from lack of bloggable stories etc! Once again work in 10 countries in the last 6 weeks! Anyhoo...more bad news for climate change warriors: the People's Voice Challenge (PVC...hehe) which is 'to remind world leaders and policy makers what's at stake' (data overview and image below at MYWorld2015 Analytics) seems to make clear what is and isn't high on people's agenda/wish list:

Following the link and looking at the Segments Map we see the Top 5 priorities are pretty much consistent across nearly all the groups and that 'Action taken on climate change' is the last in almost every segment. Hat-tip WUWT who also has the HDI map: "but there are three curious columns on the right where it doesn't come in last, but comes in low. These are the countries where people live that have medium to very high “HDI” which stands for Human Development Index."

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