Friday, August 07, 2015

Owning outstanding...

Outstanding as in not yet paid! Interesting visualization of then nearly USD 60 T-T-Trillion world debt by country (note: the data comes from the IMF and only covers public government debt i.e. this excludes the debt of citizens, businesses and unfunded liabilities). It is also colour coded by region. As usual click to enlarge or see it courtesy of Visual Capitalist (Hat-tip Zero Hedge).

It goes with a previous image of the World Economy that isn't as relative as you'd think: Japan for instance with 6.18% of total economic production but has almost 20% of global debt; along with the USA the two countries account for just under 30% of the global economy but just under 50% of the global debt...and who owns that debt?

Next month Owsblog reaches it's 10 year birthday, pity I'm hardly managing a couple of blogposts a month! I've made excuses before and been busy before.  :-(

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