Sunday, March 13, 2016

Orban's Ottoman overture...

Oncoming World War Z...
Oncoming World War 3...
"We have learnt that reality is that which does not disappear – even if we no longer believe in it. This is why we always measure everything against reality, and why we do not confuse reality with our desires." (Viktor Orbán**), quoted by John at The Slog: "Why the undecided Brits should listen to the radical realism of Viktor Orban – and Vote Leave
Radical realism, yes indeed: "Viktor Orban talks more sense in one paragraph than the entire Brussels-am-Berlin dystopians have managed during a decade of controlling, cloud-based, mendacious tosh." Excellent stuff: this week's Saturday Essay on The Slog covers the EU actions over current 'refugee' immigration ([this] isn’t crisis management, it is rank bad dictatorial top-down stubborn governance. Not only will it (like the euro) end in tears, it is rapidly unravelling what's left of the original myth of a borderless Europe."): ... "For me, it is the hypocrisy, bullying, amateur-night and anti-libertarian nature of Brussels that we need to get away from..." Amen to that.

More from John, regarding the multi-culti experiment in general: "This ocean of evidence about the dangers of multiculuralism bounces off the pc head in the manner of a featherlite pingpong ball. For three decades, they ignored public opinion about mass immigration, and engaged in a much-resented orgy of both positive discrimination on ethnic grounds, and appeasement of ideologico-religious attitudes utterly at variance with British tolerance and democracy." [sic]  [...]
"…the numbers involved being far less important than the cultural mismatch involved."
And more from Orbán: "We’ve seen the caliphate at work before, and once was more than enough."... This month there will be a referendum in Hungary 'in opposition to the new European immigration system’s compulsory resettlement quotas'. ..."Brussels must not overstep the boundaries of its own conceptions. It must not turn against the European people. The European Union must not be a kind of Soviet Union reloaded."

** From Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's State of the Nation Address, 28 February 2016, Budapest.

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