Sunday, June 05, 2016

Outrageous or obvious?...

From the DT: "Nigel Farage: Migrants could pose sex attack threat to Britain". 'Women may be at a particular risk from the "cultural" differences between British society and migrants' [Link]. What he says is perfectly true and blatantly obvious, especially when we know what happened in Cologne, Germany where gangs of immigrants - all young men - sexually abused hundreds of women last New Year’s Eve. What really irks me is that even now the Telegraph says "allegedly" does the BBC but you'd expect it from them. In the BBC link Treasury minister Andrea Leadsom - amongst others ('sunk to new depths', 'disgraceful') - is calling Farage's comments 'outrageous'.

What is in fact REALLY outrageous is that we have had THOUSANDS of such cases here in the UK already, worse: rape of children, drugged and abused and passed around between groups of pervert scum; ignored and swept under the carpet for over TEN YEARS (we know it is at least 2 or 3 decades of Muslim abuse: "it appears that racially motivated grooming of girls stems from 1990s onwards and is being underplayed by the media and politicians fearing political correctness.") by Police, social workers, council employees etc. Rotherham is the most infamous but there's Derby, Rochdale, Telford, Keighley and more; or further south Peterborough, Banbury, Bristol, Oxford, Aylesbury...and more; you'd think they would have noticed.

Apologies if this offends anyone: unfortunately the caption underneath is 100% true. 
The press ignored it too, similar to Cologne where the press was told not to report on the Cologne attacks. Sinister. So, it isn't outrageous for Farage to say this: it is stating the bloody obvious. This and dozens (probably hundreds) of cases are happening every day, across Europe: the common denominator - apart from Islam - is the attempts to hide it, to cover it up. Sweden in particular for well over a decade: when they realised their crime figures pointed to the clear and obvious over-representation (by miles) of Muslim (yes, it has to be said) immigrants they did what? Clamp down? No. Mass arrest? No...they stopped publishing the crime stats!

You might think the UK problem was mainly Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali and those that are coming are predominantly Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi but unfortunately I doubt it's entirely the rural/izzat thing: they are already fighting each other over child abuse! "Afghan and Pakistani migrants have fought each other, rioted and burnt down brand new accommodation on the Greek Island of Lesbos after the two ethnic groups accused each other of molesting children and stealing."

Jesus Wept. 

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