Friday, June 09, 2017

Only Oldies II...

Only Oldies gets a re-run. 'With age comes wisdom' and looking at that very straight angle from 18-24 year-old group who voted Conservative up to the same line in the 65+ age group gives truth to the old saying: older people generally have far greater knowledge and definitely more experience which usually means they make better decisions, no-doubt-about-it. Look at almost the exact opposite on the Brexit vote. Both images from Lord Ashcroft Polls: on the left the voting by demographic in this weeks UK General Election ("How did this result happen?") and the image on the right the polling data from the Brexit Referendum.

In the General Election "More than half (57%) of those who voted Labour made their decision in the last month, and more than a quarter (26%) in “the last few days". No surprise given the unbelievably poor campaign by the Conservatives and the desperately weak Conservative (in name only!) manifesto. very odd but also interesting - and a little surprising given Jeremy Corbyn promised a better Brexit (UK Independence from the EU) than Theresa May - that the same younger age groups that voted Remain, also voted for Labour. Cognitive dissonance?

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