Thursday, August 24, 2017

Obstrobogulous obtenebration...

What a great image and yes, it is a joke. Really funny, hilarious even...however you can tell it hurts the leftie luvvies; the smarty-pants replies on Jerry Travone's Twitter feed are quite good, some actually funny and clever: but you can tell they didn't like it; take Ed Krassenstein‏ for instance ('the lady doth protest too much, methinks'); oh he's hurting, which makes it even funnier.


Anonymous said...

Obstrobogulous obtenebration...honestly that shite could only be invented by some boring as fuck cunt who thinks he is a smartarse.

Tis the reason no cunt posts on your blog...........people avoid cunts like in real life...they won't spend their spare time engaging with you.

Span Ows said... tried this before I believe; I don't write my blog for people to comment on it.