Monday, February 12, 2018

Oxfam obitual oakum..

Oxfam have been warned they could lose official funding (not fundraising income). To be honest what is going on is hardly a surprise but the depth of depravity in some of the news and the witness/whistle-blower statements is sickening: the complaints, the covering-up, the bullying, the Catholic Churchesque moving of culprits to other areas, the harassment etc are bad enough but where is the due-diligence in hiring/taking on/controlling/ managing these fucking cunts. [edit: now we hear of rape and attempted rape of co workers before even starting any relief work..."around 10 percent of staff had been sexually assaulted and others had witnessed or experienced rape or attempted rape by colleagues"]. What the fuck is wrong with some people; do we have to BAN men from doing this sort of work?

We've thought it - through anecdotal mutterings - for multiple decades; we've actually KNOWN about it for literal decades (Sexual Violence & Exploitation: The Experience of Refugee Children in ...[insert country name here]).

That's one side of this shit-storm. The other side is more manageable: we've called them fake charities for years and we continue to read about the "fat-cat pay, appalling waste and hidden agendas". The multiple billions being poured into 'charidees' with their multi-million mid-London office rents, lavish exec lifestyle and merry-go-round appointments for New Labour and Common Purpose apparatchiks. Another reason to hate Tony Blair and associated cunts.

In the UK charities are a massive massive 'industry': eighty BILLION GBP is the estimated total annual income, which equates to 120+ quid/year for every man woman and child in the country (if the official population census figures are to be believed...ha-ha). However this mammoth amount is well spread with about 200 thousand registered charities and nearly 200 thousand more unregistered (bear in mind however many schools, churches, all mosques etc are also "charities". More than 10% of the £80 billion is spread amongst the top 100, charity financial spotlight on the Top 100 are listed HERE (PDF) with the top 10 raising 2 billion, swelled to 3 billion by government funds (so we are giving at least twice). Interestingly "Faith-based charities dominated the fastest-growing fundraisers".

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