Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Oxley opines...

Image: 18.06.16, The Spectator: Out and into the World
On Brexit Central Alan Oxley opines that the UK Government doesn’t really get what is at stake...the Brexit White Paper based on 'Chequers' is "unintelligible, incoherent and includes matters which do not warrant attention", something we can all agree based on the waffle and piffle emanating from complicit MPs and tame MSM; "most importantly [the Brexit White Paper] lays out no platform which any government could use in undertaking something as significant as withdrawal from the EU." Nuff said.

Now, Oxley may be an Aussie with his own interests but as ex Chairman of GATT he knows what he is saying when, in typical clear and blunt Aussie style he says:
"Clearly those who oversaw preparation of the paper had no basic understanding of the fundamental issues or how to address them."
Hear hear! "Why is at least one third of the paper related to vague discussions of issues instead of concrete propositions... [?]", smoke an mirrors to fool dim-witted politicians Alan!
"What is the sense in surrendering future control over any changes to an organisation from which the British people have decided to separate?"
Exactly! ...and an organisation heading only one way...and it ain't 'up'.

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