Saturday, February 16, 2019

Oscar organisation...

Another 'backlash', another hoo-ha; would anyone - apart from from those taking part and their guests - actually remember the Oscars was on if there wasn't this annual pre-event outrage at something? "The organisers of the Oscars have reversed an earlier decision to hand out four awards during ad breaks after facing a major backlash." [BBC]

Anyhooo, these two have a point:
"[Cinematography & Editing] are not inherited from a theatrical or literary tradition: they are cinema itself." Guillermo del Toro, also on Twitter.

Anyway, on the subject of films and actors: sad news that Iffland-Ring holder Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in the 2004 film Downfall, has died aged 77. The bunker scene must be the most played segment of a film ever having been a meme for years (my favourites were about Gordon Brown e.g. get me my ginger wig)

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