Tuesday, July 23, 2019

One obvious option...

"To put it bluntly: you can replace the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner but it still sucks."
Excellent! Stealing that. David Scullion, Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral writes "Boris Johnson has two options to get a Brexit 'deal' – but one of them is a trap"... "One is to offer a basic Free Trade Agreement and accept the countless 'mini-deals' that the EU has already offered us which keep goods flowing and planes flying. The other is to go for an official ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union."

It is that simple: lancing the boil that is the German scripted, civil servant traitor adapted, Treason Mayhem presented, Surrender Treaty is essential.
"A relentless 'can do' attitude and focus on the goal of making a success of independence, is how we will do this and deliver on people’s ambition."
...as Marcus Fysh said yesterday, on the same site.

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