Saturday, October 19, 2019

Oncoming obrogation II...

The UK voted to leave the EU 1213 days ago...FORTY months. Now the slimey cunts (especially you Letwin) have voted to delay again; all for the best of the country of course; nothing partisan in the votes though, err...


Very similar to the last delay vote (Cooper-Letwin) back in March.

Update: And The Brexit Party will tell you of a"new independent analysis of the deal by Brexit Facts4EU.Org, compiled with legal advice, spells out 10 ways in which Boris’ new EU treaty is not Brexit. Interesting points HERE (PDF) "A layman’s summary of the EU’s new ‘UK colonisation treaty’agreed by the PM yesterday"

Get Britain Out have their own similar summary HERE (PDF) plus their Fact SheetHERE (PDF)

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