Saturday, February 01, 2020

Obsigned: ostensibly out...

Image credit BOB in The Daily Telegraph, 31/01/20
1,317 days. Or 3 years, 7 months, 1 week and 1 day (interesting number repetition there) since we found out the result of the Brexit referendum. After voting to Leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 we are now finally - 'sort of' - out; as Kathy Gyngell writes at The Conservative Woman "We are however under no illusions. This is just the end of the beginning."

And from Raedwald, copied here (he says it so well)...
"Dear Ursula Many thanks for the kind words from the floor of your assembly. The United Kingdom will also always love the nations of Europe - and those nations will remain our favourite holiday and retirement destinations. Many of them even use the same notes and coins, which makes it easier! However, I should point out that we're not actually leaving Europe. Of which we're of course an integral part. And we'll be marketing our many fine comestibles products across the world as 'Food from Europe' as well as 'Made in the UK'. And we remain proud of our continent of 730m people, of whom some 460m are also 'citizens' of your Federation thing. We'll have a year more to enjoy the madcap, mouth-frothing, carpet-chewing antics of your rantiest stars - Hof's histrionics, petulant posturing and insane rhetoric keep us all in good spirits and we enjoy immensely his little You Tube clips. After that, I'm not sure who we will have to laugh at - unless Labour have elected a new Leader by then, of course. Anyhow, must close. Good luck with those criminal investigations against you - after all, anyone can accidentally wipe two mobile phones containing incriminating criminal evidence on the same day. If you're not in jail, we'll correspond again in eleven months. Best - Britain."

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