Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Omar's opus on orthodoxy...

...COVID orthodoxy that is. Omar S Khan, always worth a read, has an almost perfect summary of the current situation: "The Price of Perpetual Panic", "More Covidian 'Nonscience'". Of course it won't be 'the' summary because - certainly in the UK - the lunacy seems set to continue. Needless to say I think Omar has it spot-on; his final paragraph includes this sentence regarding our flirtation with suicide*
"It has been a debased, diseased performance of nonfeasance and malfeasance from leaders, the tech surveillance mob, the 'treat' late (so avoid early treatment drugs with overwhelmingly positive results) pharma predators, and the rapacious political bunglers, wanting to perpetuate their 'celebrity by mediocrity' by having addictive control over our lives and fortunes."
* Arnold Toynbee "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder."
An update in mid August: yes, I just don't have the will anymore and apologies for not posting (also my apologies that this is only an update instead of a new blogpost. The links above seem to show that Omar has been taken off Medium (what cunts). He is writing and posting at Uncommon Wisdom, I advise anyone even slightly sceptic read his article 'Cesspool Of Insanity'. I link to it on the Change The Ride blog of Angus, purely because that's where I found it first! Angus also has some good stuff, e.g. "Headache? Take the vaccine.." Read it and you'll see his final sentence is quite correct: "Being vaccinated with this injection does not make any sense in a sane rational World."

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