Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Outrage over ominous observations...

Repeating what I wrote a few weeks ago: "Sorry for the lack of posting but the Substack warriors (Steve Kirsch, Igor Chudov, The Naked Emporer and the bad cat amongst others) are saying everything I could possibly say: the fact that almost no politicians or the MSM are still not catching on is very sinister indeed..."

...warriors, nay, Superheroes! All have highlighted, for months, what is slowly leaking out everywhere; however, most media are still blaming it on the effect of lockdowns - admittedly this lunacy is partly to blame - as predicted in Q1 2020 - and is directly responsible for thousands of deaths - but the real killer is still not being admitted; the pandemic as such, the real bad excess deaths, was over in May 2020, was already on its way out before that. The so-called 'second wave' coincided with the usual winter rise and was augmented - no doubt - mainly lockdown 'victims' scared of the NHS and turned away by GP/medical centre Gestapo tactics - although a large chunk unfortunately coincided exactly with the vaccine rollout; with the peak of deaths around the last week of January 2021, those "aged 70 and over, and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals" began being vaccinated on 18th January 2021. Just as well those two weeks aren't counted as vaccine deaths but COVID deaths...amazing coincidence though, ahem... Anyhooo... look at this: We're at pandemic levels of death. Why is no one talking about it? "It doesn't make sense".  In the image below it is easy to see that the excess due to COVID is nicely cancelled out by the negative until mid April (that's a story in itself n'est-ce pas?) 

After that...WTF?!! And we can't just say it is the UK, or Astra Zeneca, this is happening everywhere. I've been in eight different countries this year and there are similar trends if you look. Why is hardly anyone looking? And those who know really know that the deaths in the younger age groups are diverging from any 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 year averages. More people are dying young so it can't be the oldies popping their clogs earlier as the excuse...what single thing has happened to very old, old, middle aged and young alike? What single reason could there possibly be? And I'll tell you, it ain't lockdowns; crazy totalitarian evil shit might fuck people up mentally but it doesn't kill healthy young people (apart from suicides that is, but that's a whole other story of avoidable deaths caused by government actions, not COVID).

Going back to a BOB classic (despite it being fairly new!)

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