Friday, September 16, 2022

Obfuscation over origins...

...of SARS-CoV-2. With credit and hat-tip to The Naked Emperor. The Lancet Commission have released their document "on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic"...ahem, anyone could tell them what not to do, i.e. what all the governments did, against their own decades-old, reliable, well thought-out, considered plans; they decided to panic and spit the we all now know, to most people's detriment. 

Anyhooo...back to the Lancet and their "comprehensive investigation, analysis and response to COVID-19". The gist of the Lancet's recommendations I will leave for you to read on the Naked Emperor's Substack or reading the original document at [Lancet Journals website] or download and peruse at your own leisure [PDF]. The Executive Summary is enough...but not for the reasons they hope you'll believe: everyone knows for instance that the numbers of reported deaths and estimated deaths are complete hogwash. HOWEVER, regarding the image below:
The left hand side of the graphic is correct, basically a complete clusterfuck. An intentional complete and utter clusterfuck; a complete 'failure of rationality'. Anyone with even remotely functioning mental faculties now trusts the government less than before; they distrust the "Science" because real science wasn't even considered; an 'expert' (IYI) agenda 'science' was the norm. The only 'solidarity' and 'cooperation' was the patently crazy 'new' science of forget/ignore everything we know and become power-crazed rabid fuckwits whilst scaring the population to become headless chickens. The only internationally recognised health practise/protocol was "stay at home"...literally 'do nothing'. Known effective preventative measures not only ignored but trashed and ridiculed (and patently fraudulent, rushed out fake trials of "science" used to negate decades of success) previously world-leading virologists, epidemiologists, doctors etc., not only silenced but made pariahs...since proven 100% correct...minor rant over

The right-hand side of the graphic...well, there lies the real MASSIVE lie: the excess deaths I have already mentioned. Rubbish stats, a weaponised coronavirus killed a load of old people...harsh, but that is what happened. Most of the deaths could have been prevented if political intervention didn't happen...yes, you read that correctly. I'll go further: can anyone prove the vaccines COVID jabs saved a single life? Anywhere? The numbers coming out now suggest the opposite...yes, you read that correctly too. 

So, "Years of setbacks in the SDG progress"? No. As planned. Dozens of 'Western', 'advanced' countries (read highly COVID vaccinated) countries suffering way over average excess mortality figures (10% higher on average), all age groups except very old (dying anyway or dead from whatever-they-had-before-made-worse-by-the-spike-protein) or the very young (not vaccinated). Compounded by high infertility and massively higher stillbirths/failed pregnancies. Compare those advanced nations to the non-advanced/not so educated/not so vaccinated under-developed nations whose young fighting-fit non-vaccinated males are heading your planned. 

A conspiracy theory too far? I'm winning about 20 nil so far. You see the trafficking across the English Channel - aided and abetted by UK Border Farce (oops), the Royal Navy, UK tax-payer funded private companies, and the [once beloved now lost] charity RNLI - but that's a drop in the ocean

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