Friday, September 02, 2022

Observing or outing obvious official obscurantism...

Another great post by Steve Kirsch, the Ivermectin video [IVERMECTIN The Truth] from Plandemic Series (100% censored. 0% debunked). It should be seen by all. 

Some have known for the whole 'COVID period', literally, that it works, but if TPTB admitted it they could not have used their dangerous experimental vaccines under emergency powers; worse they falsified trials and lied to try to show that Ivermectin (amongst other proven treatments) didn't work and their lazy, bought, evil, lick-spittle tame media broadcast not the good news that there was an easily available cheap cure but that is didn't work and was dangerous.

Those officials and those media mouthpieces who prevented and discouraged proven medical help are murderers, they are known, the internet doesn't forget. They cannot claim they didn't know because like I said, in less than 15 minutes anyone could have found the truth. Everything in the video can be easily proven by anyone with 15 minutes to spare! (15 minutes to watch, 15 minutes to verify various points.)

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