Saturday, March 04, 2023

Oncoming oppression III...

...or is it IV, or XV?! *
Image credit Imperial War Museums [LINK]
Ministerio de Propaganda

If you tolerate this, Then your children will be next [MSP Lyrics] ...but it's already too late, your children - or at the latest their children - will be dead or slaves. Not about WWIII the West is trying to start, not about Madrid (Spanish Civil War) but certainly involving multiple equivalents of the Ministerio de Propaganda

What am I on about? Just yesterday YouGov (yeah yeah, know who they are and what they are...and polls suck, but hey-ho) released a poll; it coincides with the highly suspicious controlled release of Government Tweets during the pandemic, nudging us towards blaming just a few crass 'incompetents' for two years of of totalitarian oppression and gross negligence that caused multiple thousands of deaths (probably millions worldwide, and certainly more than any virus).

The poll: "In hindsight, thinking about the government's handling of the Covid‑19 outbreak, do you think their approach was generally...?"

Now, one would think, especially now with all the information that is openly being reported [facts that many - mostly unjabbed - had, by complete coincidence, or magic, or something, knew years ago] would mean that anybody even remotely lucid would say, with absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that the government's handling was absolutely and utterly bat-shit (see what I did there?) crazy; high-handed jack-booted face-punchingly fucked up crazy...'d be wrong. Thirty seven percent (37%!!!) of all adults thought the government wasn't strict enough. 

There are several break-downs of the full numbers: gender, age, region, politics and social grade.  For the most part it is similarly split: in 'Politics' no surprise the lefty liberal fuckwits wanted harder lockdown, as did Remainers. In gender, males were slightly higher than females in 'Too strict', and fewer males were 'Don't knows'; similar to females in the lower social grade: they too were higher 'Too strict' and fewer 'Don't knows'. 

BUT, the major tell, the point of this post, and the highest number throughout the poll: in the Age section (see table below): over half (51%) of 18-24 year olds thought the government's approach was 'Not strict enough'. We're fucked. They are doomed.


* Previous posts: Oncoming oppression, Oncoming oppression II although - rather embarrassingly - I note I used those same two titles before: the first in 2008 and 2009, and the second in 2011: several pages of Oppression posts HERE, no surprise that many are in last last three years.

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