Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ole, ole Oberhausen octopus...

Update 3: World Cup final predicted: Spain vs.The Netherlands.

Well, it seems my theory about the colours of the flag playing a part in the cephalopod selection could be about right! Either (a) Paul the tentacled tipster has made a wrong call (at last!) or (b) Germany are heading for the exit! Latest prediction points to a win for Spain! An earlier hoax has been debunked as a false image of the Spanish flag stuck over the Serbian flag (which Paul predicted correctly last month...just proves how accurate he's been as NOBODY else foresaw that...mind you, it was a Spanish ref!). Since then the real deal has confirmed what the hoax was trying to show anyway: that Paul is indeed pulpo.

Update Wednesday 7th, 11pmFFS!...this is getting silly. I make that ten out of twelve for Paul the Octopus...nobody gets that lucky. Did anyone notice if he predicted it would be one goal, scored by Puyol, from a corner? If he did then he should be president of the EU...right now! (pero que gooolaaaazo!)

Update 2: On the colour issue: the Dutch flag is red, white and blue stripes (the Serbian flag - which he picked against the odds - is red, blue and white...same colours, different order). However, I suspect Paul will go for the orange shirt of the Dutch (if he was given the choice) but the Spanish flag...I'm determined to outwit the bastard!

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