Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ongoing Oberhausen octopus options...

Update 2: World Cup final predicted: Spain vs.The Netherlands.

Update: Spain vs. Germany octopus update HERE.

He's at it again! A few days ago tentacled tipster cephalopod celebrity Paul made another prediction: he continues to make German fans happy and/or confident but I'm beginning to suspect he just likes the colours! We know what happened last week although I can't imagine Argentina being crushed so easily. I wonder if the games he failed to pick correctly were against other bright yellow and red colours (thinking Spain vs Germany in the Euro Championships). Update: some scientific input could help here, see below**

Funnily enough, speaking of multiple limbs; the image (left; click to enlarge) has to be one of the most amazing photos so far from the World Cup:  limbs everywhere; what is going on, sychronised ballet-wrestling-volleyball?

Unfortunately we will still have to wait for the first ever African team to reach a semi-final having endured "what was one of the most dramatic endings for a game in World Cup history" Ghana lost on penalties having missed a penalty from the handball shown in the picture...this was in the last second of the last minute of extra time so, simply, they were robbed. New Uruguayan hero (or anti-hero depending on your outlook!) Luis Suarez "took one for the team"; controversial in a way but the laws were applied correctly.

** Update: Now I don't want to piss on anyone's fireworks but we knew that the 'crafty cephalopods' might be smarter than they look and I wondered about their vison: well, "Octopuses can readily be trained to choose a target marked with a particular pattern (shape, brightness, contrast etc.)", from Polarization contrast vision in Octopus. [PDF]

Don't cry for me Argentina.

Update: did I say I can't imagine Argentina being crushed so easily. Oh mein Gott!!

Photo credit: Fernando Vergara/AP

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Les Paul Junior said...

I don't think anyone foresaw a 4 - 0 win for Germany, not even the Germans!

As for the octupus, well, perhaps we should have them running the country!!

Span Ows said...

Wouldn't be a bad idea, plenty of sharks already, and limpets; all with no porpoise! ...after the recession all we are left with is sick squid.