Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Online ocracy out of order...

Very interesting: the image below shows that not much changes, very similar to the Brexit votes: almost entirley along political party lines. Division 47, Business of the House today. At least no Conservative jumpers this time.

[Image edited to enable seeing all the parties in the key on one page represented below the graph]

 Guido notes that "whilst MPs did not directly vote in favour of abolishing the virtual parliament, that was the effect of how they voted. This division was, in fact, a Labour amendment to a motion of the house to try and allow a vote on whether to keep the hybrid parliament. MPs rejected the vote meaning the Government will now be able to proceed as they wish without a vote. Thus the hybrid/virtual parliament fades into the history books…"

The BBC seem to be trying to make out it's all JRM's fault but they make no mention of the resounding vote in favour of making MPs at least give the impression of earning their salaries and get back to work. "Mr Rees-Mogg had argued opposition MPs "like having a hybrid Parliament" because they were "willing to sacrifice a degree of scrutiny to stymie the government's programme."...yep. Asked re the safety aspect "We will not be returning to the crowded, bustling chamber of old," he said, adding MPs would be returning to a "safe working environment": just as well, all that shouting and bluster would mean a superspreader event in the same place every week.

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